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he would write to the DSS and complain stglorny. He would also request another ‘examination’ and this time he would insist that the doctor had a copy of my medical notes. In due course I was asked to attend again for the ‘examination’ and this time the doctor had my notes and carried out a proper examination. A week or so later my doctor rang to say that the results of the second examination had overturned the decision arrived at after the first examination and I had been declared unfit for work. My doctor commented that the doctors working for the DSS were simply carrying out a process of cutting back on payment of Invalidity Benefit. Some years earlier the Tories had manipulated people off the Unemployment Benefit list and on to the Sickness Benefit list (for political reasons). In due course the Sickness Benefit claimants had migrated on to the Invalidity Benefit list!When my DLA was awarded in 1993 it was awarded “for life”. Subsequently the wording was changed to “indefinitely”. I stglorny object to becoming a pawn in yet another Tory chess game. Disabled people have more than enough to put up with in life, without being made to suffer repeated so called ‘medical assessments’. Many of us went through all this when we first applied for DLA and in a lot of cases, such as my own, we only get worse with time not better. I get Care at the lower rate and Mobility at the higher rate and I have more ailments now than I had when DLA was awarded, which is perhaps hardly surprising taking into account the fact that I will be 70 next year. I want nothing to do with Atos or any of the other people the government use to do their dirty work.Several friends of mine have been put through very considerable pain during various medical examinations being carried out by order of what is now known as the DWP. Two were arthritis sufferers who had substantial evidence of their conditions from GP's, Consultants and other. Another friend told the RMO (as they called them then) that he was not going to co-operate with some of the tests he had intended to carry out. Perhaps I was fortunate in that the third RMO Medical I had was the only one in which I suffered pain!I have read elsewhere a piece by a well qualified authority on the subject. He says that the Law will require amendment if the government want to change it. The Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 Part lll, sections 72 & 73 and the Social Security (Disability Living Allowance) Regulations 1991 Parts lll and lV are the legislation in question. If the government want to change that it would require new primary legislation approved by both Houses of Parliament.
Autor wypowiedzi: ThsuZJUBMuQC Data: 2012-05-01 11:05:22 Komputer: 188.143.***.**
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