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I have a 3 yr old female boxer that is drviing me up a wall. I have been in her life for 2 years now and?I have had problems with her from day one. She is my boyfriends dog and when him and I first met and I would stay at his house she would go through my bag and chew my tooth brush and razors up. I mean she would eat the blades and all. Then we decided to try to crate her.. I don't believe that there is a crate out there that can contain her, she went out of the top of that crate every time we would leave her alone. Even after we reinforced it and would fix it, she would still break out. Then she got to the point where she was chewing everything in site. At this point she was almost two years old chewing books, shoes, clothing, furniture pretty much anything. In the past year my boyfriend and I bought a house to fix up. She is making the fix up nearly impossible. We got her a new crate and she would break out and get into the trash, get food off the counter and destroy the kitty litter box. Then we started putting her in our bathroom to contain her while we were gone. She chewed the wood steps and the molding all around the room in about an hour and a half. Once we moved her into the new house it was like her concept of going to the bathroom outside completely changed and she started going inside non-stop. I could take her out and walk her and she would not go to the bathroom, but as soon as we would get inside and I would turn my back, she would go to the bathroom in the house. She slightly started to grow out of this until recently. She had 11 puppies a month ago and it is as if she has reverted back to her puppy years. She wants nothing to do with her puppies and has not wanted anything to do with them since they were about a week and a half old, so I have been doing my best to continue working full time and dealing with 11 puppies. If I want her to be near her pups then i have to physically pick her up and put her with them and close them in somewhere or else she will bolt. when she first had the pups she started going to the bathroom in the house about 4 times a day, even when I would take her out numerous times. I figured it was because she didnt want to leave her puppies, but now that she doesnt care for them she is still doing it. At night i crate her hoping that she will attempt to feed her puppies a little bit but all she does is cry all night long, and now the puppies are picking up on her traits and crying all night long too. On top of all of this, she poops in her crate EVERY night even if i take her out before bed and let her run for about an hour. This morning i cleaned her poop out of her cage, fed her, let her out for about 30 minutes and then put her back in the crate with her pups because I had to go to work. When i got home she had broke out of the crate and pooped and pee'd on the floor. She gets an ample amount of exercise and for those people out there who want to tell me to hire a dog walker . ok, with what money?? I have put so much time and energy into this dog and I am now at the end of my line. If she doesn't shape up in the next two days she is going to the spca. I am done working a full time job and then coming home to my other full time job cleaning up dog shit and piss. If you want to come on here and say shame on the dogs owner save it, because you do not know the time, energy and $$$$ spent on this dog. Is there a way to fix this or is it too late?I dont have the money to put out for a trainer are you ppl living in the same economy as me!???!?also, why did i allow her to get pregnant??!? is that a joke?? should i like walk around and follow every move she makes to make sure she doesnt get mounted??! and getting her fixed ive had two dogs pass away shortly after being fixed.. so thats not in my plans either.i kinda figured i should not have posted on here.. all you guys are doing is talking shit to me.. i did not have the dog as a puppy of else shit would have gone a little differently.. and where are you guys pulling all of this free time out of your asses to spend on dog training!??!? dont you think 3 years is enough?? and when i take her out i let her run for a while then i walk with her because she walks beside me when we are out walking.. she doesnt need a leash. thats the only training she has kept. i think its funny how ppl on here automatically assume its the owner and there is no such thing as a bad dog.. you guys must live in fairy tale land
Autor wypowiedzi: eOQuaupTVAsV Data: 2012-07-25 06:06:00 Komputer: 94.23.*.**
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